Tiger eye is all about finding balance, gracefully moving through life's highs and lows 

with power and class.


Imbalance can start in the mind, sometimes your mind is your worse enemy

it will sell you out, steal your shine, and drag you through hell and high water,

let tiger eye beat your mind back into submission and set you back on your spiritual course

to success.


Emotions are another story, they can pull you in so many directions 

you stay in one place stuck when jealousy, pride, shame, and fear block out the horizon, 

Tiger eye can be the centering, energetic battleaxe that will chop and clear a path through 

the jungle of emotions


Tiger eye is a - Gold brown quartz varietal is well regarded as a money maker stone. Let tiger eye

unleash the creative beast inside of you ,anything worth doing is worth doing with a roar !!!

Tiger Eye

  • If you want the tiger’s eye stone to look  pretty, there are some things to note when caring for  it;

    • Soak tiger’s eye stone in a glass by using distilled water.This treatment technique used to make it looks more clear and shiny.
    • Avoid the use of sulfuric acid, ammonia or other chemicals that are harsh when cleaning it.
    • Do not use hairspray or perfume to clean the stone. Steam and ultrasonic cleaner can use for cleaning the tiger’s eye stone though not recommended for most gemstones.