• Self Love Bath Soak
• Self Love Bath Bomb
• Rose Quartz Crystal
• Self Love Essential Oil
• Self Love Soy Candle
• A Selection of Ritual Incense
• Self Love Ritual Booklet

Devotion is a practice. In the making of a meal, or the laundering of clothes, devotion to those we love is present at each step. It shows by how delicious the meal, or how lovingly clean clothes are made ready to wear again. The same sort of devotion to oneself is a deeper practice, though guided by the very same intentional care we give to others. With this loving collection you may begin with a luscious, botanically infused salt bath soak or a super-loving bath bomb which soothes away stress while nourishing with shea butter and coconut oil. Continue layering care by pampering skin and enfolding your senses with organic essential oils rising from both your soy candle & essential oil blend. The care in each item is amplified by a crystal specially charged under the full moon.

Self Love Ritual Kit